Aquatic weed harvesting boat is mainly applied to harvesting of aquatic weed and collecting, salvage, transportation of algae in ponds, water reservoirs, lakes and rivers. The aquatic weed harvesting boat has wide collecting range, which can clean floating aquatic weed and algae and can also salvage aquatic plant with root underwater. All procedures of collecting, salvage, transportation and unloading can be finished in automatic operation with only one operator. The collecting efficiency of the equipment is improved largely and is dozens of times of manual salvage efficiency.

Our company is offering aquatic weed harvester and other water cleaner equipment for lake, pond and river weed removal, we have plenty production equipment to make good quality aquatic weed harvester and water cleaning equipment with qualified service to meet customer satisfaction.

Note: Since our equipment is continuous improved, we reserve the right to modify model, parameter and specifications without prior notice.

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    1. Customers can choose different cutting tool according to conditions of weed. For example, as for large type aquatic weed, we adopt cutting disc to crush them before collecting. For small weed, we adopt reciprocating scissors to clip them and then salvage to boat.

    2. Operating room can be equipped with air conditioning, TV, sofa and monitoring equipment and so on.

    3. The front of boat is installed with collecting arm aiming to increase working width of aquatic weed harvesting boat.

    4. According to different conditions of weed, customers can choose nylon collecting chain belt or stainless steel collecting chain belt.

    5. The operation platform adopts stainless steel and is very convenient for cleanness.

    6. The aquatic weed harvesting boat driving cab is designed with dismountable sunshades structure, which can be dismounted to lower height in low bridges.

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