Lifetime Service

DRAGON provides lifetime service for customers and do our best to lengthen service life of equipment and lower operation cost aiming to reduce total cost for customers.


Our technical innovation team takes full advantage of rich experience on the dredging, mining, marine industry fields and can provide custom designing and manufacturing aqua cleaning and dredging equipment based on the requirement of customers.


DRAGON possesses professional dredging boat operation team, which can help customers to do dredging work in time based on the requirement of customers ensuring smooth completion of project. Though customers need pay certain operation cost, this can get maximum effectiveness of dredging boat, which can save time and cost of project in the long term.


We provide high quality, advanced and most complete site training for customer’s operators and ensure they can handle boat in effective method and realize best cleaning and dredging effect. We offer lifetime specific support for operator aiming to ensure the stability and reliability of system.


DRAGON is ready to provide solutions and logistical support for every failure of equipment all the time including of system stability, quick delivery of spare parts and maintenance. We have global service network composed of technician, purchasing staff and local service stations, which can provide highest quality service in the shortest time.

Equipment Upgrade

We provide innovation, modification and upgrade service of present system, component or software, which is beneficial to lengthen service life of boat or other equipment. Our team is not only skilled at knowledge of researching, designing, installation of our equipment and we are also good at providing most correct and safe maintenance of equipment on the boat with our rich experience and knowledge in the field.

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